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    The world first batch of UHV transmission line arrestor is put into operation

    Number of visits: Date:May 12,2016

      On April 13, 2016, three major ultra high voltage direct current annual overhaul organized by Hunan electric power Overhaul Company was completed smoothly, during such overhauling period, the company successfully put world first batch of UHV transmission line arrestor into operation to comprehensively build UHV disaster prevention system.

      The commissioning world first set of UHV transmission line arrestor is mounted in ±800KV Binjin DC transmission line. Due to high terrain and long-distance span, it has a higher probability to be affected by lightning stroke for UHV transmission line. Compared with the original lightening prevention measures of the UHV line, the added UHV DC transmission line arrestor has better effect in mountainous area, thunderbolt dense region and the area with higher earth resistivity, and furthermore, has wider scope of lightening prevention, less effect to the running of UHV transmission line, capable of effectively ensuring UHV DC free from interference of lightning during operation, so as to further promote the operational reliability of UHV transmission line. In the three major extra-high voltages of ±800 Fufeng, Jinsu and Binjin as the main current for west-east power transmission of the country, rated transmission power of Binjin direct current is maximum, it has model significance for the extra-high voltage to install the world first set of UHV transmission line arrestor on Binjin direct current.

      It is reported that 6 sets of UHV DC transmission line arrestors are put into use totally during such overhauling period, and uniformly distributed into high mountains, rivers and other sections vulnerable to lightning stroke. Such device makes UHV power grid transmission achieving comprehensive and strong defense to lightning stroke, forest fire, pollution flashover, ice coating, iron tower falling, broken line and other disaster together with the first previously-commissioning UHV line forest fire prevention device in the world.

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