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    • Name: HV ABC Cable Copper conductor
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      Aerial bundled cable(ABC cable) are mainly used for secondary overhead lines on poles or as feedes to residential premises.


      AS/NZS 3599.1



      Phase conductors are stranded circular compacted aluminium alloy 1350 to H68 condition. The standard catenary is manufactured from galvanised stranded high tensile steel. For corrosive environments catenaries of aluminium clad steel are available.

      Conductor Screen, Insulation and Insulation Screen

      Semiconductive conductor screen, XLPE insulation and semiconductive insulation screen are triple extruded. The insulation screen is hand strippable without preheating and complies with strippability and adhesion tests given in AS/NZS 3599.1. Figures and words “1 ONE”, “2 TWO” and “3 THREE” are printed on the insulation screen to identify the three phase cores. Alternative identification means are available on request.

      A water swellable textile tape is applied over the insulation screen to prevent longitudinal ingress of moisture in the event of damage to the outer sheath.

        Metallic Screen

      The metallic screen comprises a layer of helically applied copper wires. For short circuit protection, two types of screens, a light and a heavy duty, are available. A separator tape to prevent the penetration of sheath material between the screen wires is applied over the metallic screen. On this design of cable it should be noted that the screens of individual cores are not in direct contact

      with each other and therefore the fault current level is limited.


      High density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as the standard outer sheath of each phase core. In addition to the identification on the cores, the sheaths of each phase cable are marked with phase

      numbers matching those of the cores. Furthermore, identification of the bundled cable comprises embossing of the words “Olex”, the year of manufacture, and the voltage on the sheath or the use of printed tapes inserted throughout the length under the sheath of a phase cable.

        Technical data

          For HV ABC Cable Copper conductor:

          HV ABC Cable 6.35/11kV:


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