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    Chongqing electric power builds power grid information communication “highway”

    Number of visits: Date:2016-05-12

      With the rapid development of smart grids, the demands for power production management, power dispatching, customer service and other business in Chongqing are increasing constantly, therefore, Chongqing electric power strengthens the construction of high-capacity communication backbone optical transmission network to improve the security control and informationalized level of the power grid, and to build power grid information communication “highway” in Chongqing. Since April 29, it has formally started to build the high-capacity communication backbone optical transmission network of Chongqing electric power charged by Chongqing Xintong Company of the state grid.


      The project construction is to build a large-capacity backbone communications transmission network covering Chongqing electric power company, power standby and dispatching, power supply company at different levels, business support unit and 500kv substation based on the existing communication network of Chongqing electric power, so as to make Chongqing power telecommunication network possessing the ability to bear the communication services, information business, smart power grids of Chongqing electric power and other various information and communication business within the future 5 to 10 years.

      It is reported that it is expected to complete the project construction of large-capacity backbone communications transmission network of the Chongqing electric power in August of this year. After project is completed, it will greatly promote the construction of intelligent power grid and development of electric power information in Chongqing, which meets the communication needs of power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, utilization and scheduling, power grid construction, operation, production, marketing, management and other fields, and powerfully supports and ensure safe, stable and reliable operation of Chongqing power grid, and provides strong energy source for the economic development of Chongqing.

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